Dreadlocks by Dee

Meet your Loctician, Dee! Dee is a contemporary licensed natural hairstylist and loctician. With over 10 years of experience, Dee has mastered the art of Dreadlocks. Dee specializes in permanent loc extensions, loc styling, instant locs, loc reattachment, loc thickenkening, loc crocheting, interlocking, bald spot camouflage, and loc rejuvenating treatments. The key to a healthy and lively head of locks is optimal scalp health. Dee will nourish your scalp and hair to ensure you look and feel your best. She does not twist or style too tight and will ask you how comfortable you feel through your hair service. Dee believes that her clients has the right to know what is being used in their hair. There are no mystery concoctions or secret formulas here. Dee will always let you see what goes into your hair. All textures of hair can and will lock and Dee will make sure. Clients of all ethnic backgrounds with straight, wavy, curly, or kinky hair can and will flaunt the dreadlocks of their dreams after a visit with Dee the loctician.

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Phone : 347-988-9910

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